About Us

Welcome to "ABOUT THAT MULAR" clothing, also referred to as "ATM". ATM is a sportswear focused fashion line, founded in the UK designed for people of any shape or size. Not only is it accessible for everyone, it also promotes a positive message to our customers, to always push to achieve. It encourages our customers to be "About That Mular", which in a more formalistic phrasing means to always make sure you have an income. "ATM" is not just a fashion brand, we hope to inspire to make it a way of life; a new culture for modern society. As we feel like the aspect of working and getting up and doing things for ourselves is decreasing, so eventually "About That Mular clothing” will not only be a comfortable and stylish brand to wear, but will inspire young people to focus on their future by promoting it, in their everyday life.

Mular Juice, is a British-born social media entertainer, rapper and entrepreneur: He is the founder and CEO of "ATM".
With all the support and stardom he consumed from being an entertainer due to his comical videos and entertainment gigs, he decided to create a clothing brand that could inspire his supporters. Mular felt like the modern society we live in, no longer encourages young adults like himself to become something or earn their own income. He felt that the concept and image the new generation now have "to look rich, but not actually be rich" is wrong. So by making "About That Mular clothing" he aspires to inspire his supporters and the public to be hard-working and always have a financial stability; which is promoted in his logo brand. The pivotal brand "About That Mular" was established in 2014, when Mular attached this slogan with his stage name "Mular Juice" and personality. He then later that year, turned it into a clothing brand. Mular and a group of friends initially only wore this brand, but did not release it in the retail market until 2016 which resulted in a high number of supporters being interested in "ATM clothing".

Fast forward two years on "About That Mular clothing" has become nothing short of successful. After ATM clothing started sponsoring musicians, it created a vast number in customers, buying clothing and accessories personally from Mular.
Now ATM is available exclusively on https://www.aboutthatmular.com.   
With the catchy brand title and concept of what  ATM aims to provide for not only the community but to our nation; who wouldn't love it?
Stay tuned for more products “ATM clothing” will be offering to you.
We hope to make this brand; fashion surpassing the streets.
And remember "ATM clothing" is not just a brand, it’s a new way of life.

Contact us via email: aboutthatmular@hotmail.com